Art and Culture

Dr Keleta-Mae has been a working artist in theatre, literature and music for more than 20 years and she has performed in Canada, France, Jamaica and South Africa. Her music albums are: Fire Woman (2020); Bloom (2009) and Free Dome: South Africa (2001); and her plays are What We Deserve (2020), No Knowledge College (2005); and Stuck (2001). Her article “Get What’s Mine: ‘Formation’ Changes the Way We Listen to Beyoncé Forever” was translated into 15 languages and was one of the most read stories for a week across Vice Network’s Noisey websites in 24 countries (2016). While another of her articles, “Black Lives Matter is Dramatic, Unsettling and Inconvenient. That’s the Point” broke The Globe and Mail's opinion section record for most shares (2015). Dr. Keleta-Mae has commentated for outlets including The Canadian Press, The National Post, The Fader, BBN, CTV, CBC and BBC.

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