We’ll never be able to design any courses, never sit on a hiring committee, never become dean of a faculty. We’ll be radical without credentials.


We don’t need PhDs to validate our existence.


I want my PhD and I want the $103,000 salary, four-week vacation and full benefits that CSIS is offering me. So, in three hours I will walk into conference room 406A and defend my dissertation. Why? Becase no matter what they’ve done, are doing or will do, I’ve earned my degree and every privilege that comes with it.


I think we need a safe space
Somewhere to raise children.
Somewhere to think independent thoughts.
Somewhere to self-actualize outside of someone’s agenda for us.

Excerpt from Naila Keleta-Mae’s “No Knowledge College.” Canadian Theatre Review , University of Toronto Press: Toronto. 2007: (130) 103-7.